May 9, 2005  God’s Energy speaking to David

The stress in today’s world is overwhelming. People cannot deal with their emotions, as they are overburdened with all the other stuff they put in their lives. They do not see clearly and do not see through, they are cluttered. Their minds are cluttered, their spirit is cluttered and their physical bodies are cluttered. They cannot sort it out. They do not know how, they do not know where to turn. I cannot override and interfere with peoples experience. This is why it is time for you and the book.

September 13, 2005  The Energy of an Angel speaking to David

The futility of fighting is that fighting is a misdirection of power, and when you get caught up in the marketing, the vision, and the illusion: really, fighting is for power, as the ego needs power over God’s will of love. David, there will be a change. More people are searching. More people understand. More people are recognizing the chaos the planet is in. More people are turning for other options. This is right now, a turning point. We are at a time in the race of humanity of emotional revolution. People’s emotions are running their lives because of chaos. They realize that if presented with the information there may be options. There may be a chance. That is the purpose of your book.

October 29, 2005  The Energy of an Angel speaking to David

Understand David your soul has been birthed, if you will, by God at the beginning. Souls have an energy patterning, see; we all come from the one perfect energy of what we call God and, depending on what God’s role of need is, His desires, His teachings, He chooses energy patterns to do the job. The energy that God births for humans as the soul is again a different kind of energy. God has formed this energy patterning for a purpose, namely, for it to be able to enter into a human form and function in an electrical, mechanical, chemical ability all through a communication channel. All those chemicals are functions. One of the functions is human will; the will to live, the will to die, the will to succeed, the will to give up, the will to take charge, the will to surrender, and more. All those things are based on choices that a human will make before, during, and after each succession of lives and individual lifetimes. God does not interfere with human will, but there are exceptions such as the big lesson of love, the one that God opens doors for, for any human; yet humans measure that lesson in very odd ways.

Christmas Time, December 2005  The story of, “Christ and the Gifts of Christmas”, given to David by the Energy of an Angel

The purpose of Christ’s birth was for people to actually see and interact and question and touch and be touched by God’s love. Christ was actually God’s love projected into a human form in order for humans to recognize that love exists. Christ wore their ridicule and their disbelief and their pain and yet He . . . some stood in awe of the so-called miracles through His short life, miracles He performed. The miracles were all possible because of the love God has, what God is teaching. Christ was representing to humanity the potential of Love.

This time when humans, those that choose to recognize the celebration of Christ with the human holiday of what is called Christmas, whether they actively live their lives in belief or not, for a short period of time around this time of the year, what do people try to do?

People try to express a level of love that they are capable of love, they speak of peace, they speak of joy, they show gestures of selflessness, some more than others in their own capacity. They all represent their ability to express some level of love. The story of Christ’s birth, there had to be a beginning for people. They had to be able to accept on their terms something external and touchable. The star was a symbol of the light of guidance.

So you see, Christ was God’s love in a human form. Christ came to teach that love to humans so they would know God was real. Christ went through many human difficulties of the times and yet those same emotions still exist today.

There was silence for a few moments, and then the angel asked, “Do you know the story of “Christ and the Gifts of Christmas?” No, said David, so the angel began to tell the story.

This time in this part of your world for your people in terms of your society and in other parts of the world, your civilization, you are entering into your time of celebration of Christ and the offerings that He has bestowed upon your people.

Celebration is not just a day; preparation is part of the celebration; the anticipation of events is part of the celebration and the joy. The giving of one’s life; the birth of the baby; the offering of the beginning of a lifetime of God’s energy into human for acknowledgement and understanding; the gift that God gave at that time and continues to give in the understanding of giving to each other as you have through your civilizations evolved into gift-giving as an expression, and it has come into wants . . . needs . . . instead of offerings.

Yes, the meaning has been lost in your world of objects, as the gift has turned into that of desires of the receiver as opposed to offerings of the giver.  The original gifts; the songs; the music; the presents–as in not gift presents but presents as in the being there; the standing in awe of the love of that life as it progressed through boyhood and manhood and as He continued to have a following through His teachings; as He was met with adversities and misrepresentations and disbelief; obstacles of obstruction round all corners; His faith in humanity and His offering of hope for all people continued.

Can humans walk this same path? No. Are they expected to, one hundred percent? No.

They are not God’s package of the same purpose as Christ; they are packaged of their own; given their own gifts by God to evolve; to unwrap; to play with; to be taught by and to share. It is a big mystery; it is incomprehensible and not expected of the human mind to embellish this with one hundred percent accuracy and completion. What is, however, desired by God is an understanding of the direction of the movement that man must evolve through as he opens his gifts and experiences and figures them out and plays with them and ultimately shares them; and in each lifetime he brings a new gift with him to unwrap and interact, and as your civilization continues to evolve, the gifts change each time, representing the necessary movement for your race.

Christ moved through the people. God moves through the people. Christ moved with the people; He learned from them; He grew with them; He became one of them to understand and gain trust and offer to them without threatening; some viewed His work as threats, but His behavior was never with beatings, but with offerings of love.

This season, your Christmas season, is a representation only of an offering of the giving of gifts; the gift being that of the understanding of God’s energy of love; the light; the calling; the connection; the remembering of that connection. And truly you experience it when your people come together in a joyous event; and each individual feels that and feels that connection each in their own way.

When the angel finished speaking David asked, “What do you want for Christmas?”

A Christmas gift?    Hmmm,,,,    For all people to understand that the celebration of life is everyday not just Christ’s birth on what is known as Christmas Day. That each is as valuable as Christ’s and that each celebration of birth and that sustenance of life continues and should be cherished and protected and above all, loved and the ability to offer love for each and every human as they journey with their souls in each lifetime and the understanding of the oneness with the wholeness; the connection of each heartbeat of life.