My name is Susan Veale. I am a mother of three daughters and one granddaughter. My occupation is author, healer, natural health practitioner, Pilates Instructor and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher. I have been blessed with a gift and I am here to help people feel better. I do this through my holistic practice, spiritual touch and guidance.

Many people come to me for help. When David arrived at my door seeking help for his health, I had no idea that one day my gift of healing for him would take both of us along the path of a most amazing journey.

Our story, “For Love of God An Intimate Journey”, tells much of what I do and how my gift helps people sort out their lives. I invite you to read this book and discover what it may hold for you.


My name is David Abraham. I am a retired band instrument repair technician.

I have two sons and five grandchildren. My favourite sports are playing hockey and golf. Nothing spectacular happened in my life until I lost my health and then everything became a struggle. Finding solutions through the medical system failed and despite all my efforts, nothing changed until I met Susan. With Susan’s help, I regained my health and much more. The more all started one evening in Susan’s clinic when she said to me, “It’s time for you to start your journey with God.” I told her I did not believe in God. She said, “You trusted me with your health problems, will you trust me with your journey?” I said I don’t know anything about a journey but you are correct, you did fix my health when the doctor’s failed. When do we begin?