The Book

“For Love of God – An Intimate Journey”, is a religious free story telling how a man held multiple conversations with God and an Angel and how the angel became the man’s teacher.

This story is about David, a typical 20th century man caught in the “American Dream” of the western world and how the consequences of that dream lead to his downfall of health.

Refusing the offerings of medical pills, David reaches out to a woman, a healer, someone who leads him outside his comfort zone and into spirituality and love; a place foreign to him. After his second year with the healer, David has a vision, then an encounter with vibrational energy; something that shifts his conscious awareness. Through each of these shifts, David comes closer to remembering something of his past. He finds markers. Did he leave them from a past lifetime or did God plant them?

With each discovery, David’s heart opens and events began to unfold; events that at first were most unsettling but then, over time, David begins to understand using words from music like pieces fitting into a puzzle.

The depth of this story is vast. It takes the reader on an explicit roller coaster into the highs and lows of personal lives. Female readers will connect to broken hearts. Male readers may be in David’s shoes. Words weave a trail through human emotions of betrayal, anger and lostness then blend into compassion, understanding and feeling loved.

When the Angel begins teaching David, David learns about love beyond the physical. He finds himself traveling thought the many dimensions love offers. Lessons and examples given by the Angel are priceless for they come not from the words of man but from the energy of God.

To read this story and feel its abundance, we suggest temporarily setting your religion and belief structure aside. Start by listening to the free offering of the Angel’s Invitation at the side of this page. Settle back in a quiet place and listen to the Angels voice. If the words make sense to you, then consider reading David’s story and learning how David healed his physically and emotional life.