Imagine going through sixty years of your life, then falling ill, then becoming lost in the government health care system and then, through desperation, turn to natural health care through a spiritual healer. After spending time with this healer, you discover a way to verbally communicate with ethereal energy. What would you do? Rejoice or keep it a secret knowing some of your friends and other people will turn their backs suggesting your sanity is in disorder.

I chose to tell of my experience, every piece of it including opening a gateway into what people call Heaven. I believed my information may benefit others lost in their lives. What I did, how I did it and what I found is told in, “For Love of God – An Intimate Journey”, an accounting of what is possible when God makes its presence known and steps into your life.
Never before have I read a book that has had as great an influence on my life as For Love of God has. To read it once is simply not enough. Each time I pick it up I glean more information and understanding of its messages. For Love of God has become a cherished possession in my house and it will continue to resonate with me.
Thank you Susan and David. Sharon L.
I am on page 168, half the way through. I really do not want to stop. Wonderful! I am so very very very pleased that you have published your story. It is more that I was expecting which makes it even more special. Carolyn J.
Your book arrived just now. It is really beautiful, inside and out! It even feels good in my hands: soft, yielding, but with so many weighty thoughts . . .
It can be read, reread, dipped into, and shared. I hope the Angel is happy with this final result of all those conversations; I sure am!
Jane K.
“For Love of God’ is enlightening, comforting, and inspiring for those that may be searching for a message of hope.Through their channelling Susan and David show us that even though many of us wrestle with the feelings of loneliness and abandonment, that it is essential to understand that we are never alone spiritually.Though some may find this book hard to read even to calling it blasphemous, for those who want a fresh take on good/evil, angels, God and our human condition it is a must read.
Bruce R Pollock
For Love of God is a very unique book unlike anything I had ever read before. It starts out as a wonderful love story between two mature people who are both searching for solutions to their life situations. But after they find each other, the story moves into the realm of a spiritual experience that provides profound and amazing truths that can help us all understand our life purpose and perhaps, more reassuringly, our ongoing journey after death. This book will allow you to see your life, your relationships, your challenges in a whole new light and give you hope for the future.
J. Marshall
For Love of God, has revealed to me a better understanding that love is really all there is and that love is not confined as to how we first believe it should be. As I read this book I found my life in parts of the story. When I finished reading the book, it affirmed to me that when we truly see a situation for what it is and not cloud it with emotion or reaction, it all becomes clear. Thank you for such a wonderful story.
K. Lepine
For Love of God is a most intriguing book.It will make you laugh and it will make you cry.Reading it has touched my life on so many levels.The messages are something that everyone can relate to no matter where you are in your life. It was so hard to put the book down. I wanted more and more. Thank you Susan and David for sharing your story.
Lori A.
A truly profound story of the authors personal search for spiritual direction that will ultimately allow their dream of a healing center to come true.So inspiring!Thanks, Susan and David.
Phyllis C.
Before reading a single word, I felt something was calling me and telling me I needed to read this book. After I started reading, the story drew me in and I wanted to continue and not put it down. In one chapter, I was completely overwhelmed with tears as forty years ago, I too had to make a decision, one every woman wishes she never has to make. Thank you for your truth Susan as it helped lift me past a burden of doubt I had carried for years.
Sylvia V.